"This is a kaillera server" ~ Agent 21 iXi

4/13/2023 - Slink Client v3.6.8 - Final has been released, including a custom feature requested by OGenDroX!

3/1/2023 - The EmuLinker X Master Server List is live. EmuLinker X 3.4-1 and higher can now touch/sync to the list when your server is online! Slink Client v3.6.4 - Final has also been released, and is packed with brand new features!

General Information About EmuLinker X

EmuLinker X is a Kaillera server software based off the last original revision of EmulinkerSF by SupraFast (0.72.3). EmuLinker X's goal was to continue the work of EmulinkerSF, the first stable version of a kaillera server, by adding additional features, bug fixes, improving security and optimizing performance. Around Feburary of 2015, the final official version of EmuLinker X (2.0.2) was released by Agent 21. Years before, the first version of EmuLinker X was developed by Firo.

The last official version of EmuLinker X, v2.0.2 is based off EmuLinkerSF v0.72.3, with fixed bugs (including fixed packet bundle parse), enchancements and changes. The newly updated versions of EmuLinker X, v3.1.3+, are based off EmuLinker X v2.0.2 with additional implementations I've made to the project, and unofficial implementations made in EmulinkerSF v90.0+.

New in EmuLinker X
New implementations in EmuLinker X v3.1.3+ include additional features, commands, bug fixes, security improvements, optimization, and compatibility with the new EmuLinker X Alternate Master Server List, a separate project I am developing. (For additional information on all related EmuLinker X projects, refer to the Downloads page for links to all the projects GitHub repositories, where Changelog information in both repository commits and releases are available.)

SupraClient Overview
SupraClient is an unofficial but stable Kaillera client written by SupraFast. You can find an archived version of SupraFast's website here.

Slink Client Overview
Slink Client is based off the original source of SupraClient that aims to optimize performance, add advanced security implementations and additional features. Another alias for it is SupraSlinkClient X.

EmuLinker X Admin Client Overview
The EmuLinker X Admin Client is a Kaillera client for administrative management of EmuLinker X servers for Admins and above initially developed by Firo and Agent 21 and recently updated by me. It is based off the original source of EmuLinkerSF Admin Client. The client is only compatible with EmuLinker X servers.